Apple Expanding Its North Carolina Data Center


A few weeks ago we noted that Apple already has a small expansion of its huge data center in Maiden, North Carolina business, after permits approximately 20,000 square meters "tactical data center" located adjacent to the existing facility of 500,000 square meters. Wired now has aerial photos of the place earlier this week that not only the new data center tactical, but also in the process of installing solar panels on the solar farm of 100 acres in the data center and what appears to be 4, 8 megawatts behind the fuel cell installation of the data center.

No one knows exactly what a tactical Apple data center should be, but according to Chief Technology Rackspace Engates John, who are fair share of time in buildings without windows decays servers, you can be a neutral where members can come and put Apple on connecting your computer to the network of Apple without any exposure to the amazing secrets housed in 500,000 square feet larger.

Apple's new tactical data center with cooling units feeding building and backup generators along road

Solar panels installed at Apple's 100-acre solar farm across Startown Road from data center

Foundations likely to be for fuel cell facility adjacent to data center

North Carolina Apple data center is just one of a planned series of large data centers designed to icloud, the company offers other services and support. The company already operates a smaller data center in Newark, California, near its headquarters in Cupertino and has unveiled plans for major new data center in Oregon and Nevada.