Apple IOS 6: Top 5 Most Impressive Features

IOS 6 is scheduled to be released this fall. Many are speculating that it is not just the OS upgrade in the fall, it will be the launch of the iPhone 5 with IOS 6. Apple has said 10 of the most significant upgrades for this IOS release, but my attention was really drawn to the following 5 IOS 6 features

3D Map

Say goodbye to your GPS! Thank you, Apple for me and my Tom Tom is not the best friends. The new 3D card comes with an overpass on a 3D display of buildings and structures to take a more interactive experience. 

Pass Book App

Keep your airline tickets, film, boarding cards and even your Starbucks gift card in this really cool app. The iOS 6 driven device scans for getting your data in a concert, theater or even a flight booking. That's not all. The device will notify you of the delay or change in plans, this information appears in your updates. 

Much Improved Siri


Siri is the future! Do tell Siri sports updates, book dinner reservations, start an app, buy movie tickets, Read restaurant reviews and much more. The speech has improved and is being launched in several languages, including Italian, Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, French, Cantonese and ancient Samaria! lol ... No Samaria ... jk!

Finally, Siri also dictate your tweets and status of your Twitter and Facebook profile. Now that's great! 

Photo Sharing with iCloud


Gone are the days of emailing large photo files to your friends and family. You do not need to take up space on your device or home computer. Simply add your photos to icloud and access to any 6-IOS device.

Enhanced Phone App


How often have you an SMS or a phone call in the middle of the night while you slept? Even if you try to voice-mail message to ignore, it will continuously remain sound until you wipe the screen. Annoying! Now, you'll be able to phone in DND mode, blocking all calls and texts to anyone, unless you separate a small list of important people who can reach you at any time. This way you do not miss something important. Such a simple upgrade, but will be used daily by most people.

Apple Grabs “5D” Technology Patents

Apple was granted a large number of new patents, which describes a technology that the document terms "5D", making the fruity company to possibly use both the fourth and fifth dimension.

This is not the time and some other undiscovered dimension, however, but a term used to describe - as stated by PatentlyApple - ". Size of the force", the "force vector direction" and it sounds like something that can be included in one of those boxing arcade machines.

But the patent is not all, because it is incredibly broad sweep, give Apple rights suggestive of new media and gaming interaction to watch. There is talk of the possibility of dynamic events to be detected over a large area, new touch-screen technology, higher quality touch capacitive displays, complex inputs than simple points, tactile feedback over large areas and a number of more varied touch and detection based of ideas.

The patent also touches on the possibility of the use of radar or ultrasound to an individual's position to detect in the space, so that more accurate motion controls, or the tuning of the viewing experience for the user. We have already seen what a similar technology like this, like this with the latest and greatest 3D TVs that are able to produce a three dimensional image for multiple viewers at various angles to broadcast.

Other parts of the patent hint at the inclusion of this type of technology in vehicles as part of the dashboard interface. A simple use of these could be of the driver's height to be detected, so that the tuning of the dials and provides for their information to focus directly on his / her eyes. There is also mention of the touch technology is used as a method of identification for starting a vehicle.