Google Penguin: The New Webspam Algorithm

Google is the new Penguin webspam algorithm launched by Google at the end of april 2012. Google detects Penguin websites violate Google's rules and optimization reduces the ranking of violating sites. The new changes will require website owners to re-evaluate the quality guidelines to determine how to remain out of the Google Penguin's line of fire. In general, basic white hat SEO techniques, a company will appear on this site takes in rankings.

What Quality Guidelines are Recommended?

Google, en general, aconseja a los webmasters para crear sitios web con contenido atractivo y un nĂºmero adecuado de palabras clave de calidad para evitar problemas con Google Penguin. Here are some tips to avoid losing Penguin Google ranking:

1. Make Websites for Users

Web sites must be made for users not for search engines. Google advised to make a website with relevant content, which is also visually attractive to the ranking to improve. Many webmasters in a hurry to improve the ranking will participate in a process known as "cloaking." Cloaking is the practice of presenting different content to search engines than to users. This practice is misleading and is detected by Google Penguin. The ranking of web pages can be significantly reduced as a result.

2. Avoid Link Schemes

Link schemes can increase your position in search results, but Google may be disapproved by Penguin. Experts recommend that connects the high quality and reliable web sites instead of the spammers, or what Google calls "bad neighborhoods". In the world of Google, the company maintains a website through links can adversely affect a company's reputation or ranking in the search engine Google.

3. Do Not Use Unauthorized Computer Programs to Check Rankings

Google Penguin lowers the ranking of sites using illegal programs to submit pages or check rankings. These programs are not allowed because the programs consume more than IT-resources. The programs also the struggle of Google's Terms ofService. Programs such as WebPosition Gold will lower Google rankings as discovered by Penguin. This program sends automated queries to Google over the position.

4. Hidden Text or Hidden Links

Google penguin see the hidden text or links as untrustworthy. Or text links should always have the same information as the search algorithm, as the spectators. Too many hidden keywords can be entered by using white text on a white background text, hidden behind an image, adjusting the font size to zero or using CSS to hide text. None of these practices is acceptable. Hidden links can be designed to be seen by Googlebot, but may not be visible to visitors of the website. The link can be hidden as a hyphen in the middle of a paragraph or a small hyperlink. Google Penguin low ranking a website or remove a Web site with hidden text or links. Once the problem is corrected, the website can be sent to Google for reconsideration.

5. Do Not Create Doorway Pages for Search Engines

Google does not like penguins "gateway" pages. These pages are of little value, but are made for search engines to increase ranking. If discovered, Google Penguin reduce or eliminate website ranking of search results. This practice is not considered desirable by Google Penguin.