Top 5 Tech Gadgets For Students

Students must use gadgets to help with the study and a day of balance of the day working and relaxing. Probably worth it to invest in expensive equipment for your student loan runs in the first weeks of a year. You can also consider asking for something like a birthday gift or to leave. Many gadgets have an important influence on their study may have, can nevertheless be collected relatively cheaply. Some of the best gadgets to consider include noise canceling headphones, wireless printer, an iPad, digital voice recorders, and a GeorgeForeman grill.

1 - Noise Cancelling Headphones


Noise cancelling headphones represent a valuable way to focus in a busy library or a student house. Relatively cheap, noise cancelling headphones can allow you to study in peace, and can be a blessing if you get easily distracted by noise. They can similarly be valuable if you live in a shared house where people decide to stay up late, or have people over regularly. Shutting out noise when you sleep can allow you to avoid having your night and mornings disrupted.

How It works

2 - iPad

Perhaps the most expensive item on this list, an iPad is, however, valuable for different parts of your studying routine. Reading can be downloaded onto an iPad, while you can also use it to record lectures, and to make notes. Wireless connectivity similarly means that you can work, and keep up to date with your emails and course uploads when you’re away from the university. You can also be used to sneak in some entertainment in-between studying.


3 - Wireless Printer

Printing in the library or elsewhere on campus can be stressful, particularly if there are long queues and you are in a rush to meet a deadline. Investing in a home printer is recommended, particularly if you like to print out notes on a regular basis, or if your course requires a lot of essays. Inkjet printers can be bought relatively cheaply, and can also be combined with scanners. A wireless printer means that you can connect different devices to a single printer, saving you practical problems with cabling. You may also be able to save money by having a shared house printer that you all chip into buying.

4 - George Foreman Grill

A well established part of student kitchens and bedrooms, George Foreman Grills represent an easy to use solution to cooking snacks while living in catered halls or busy kitchens. Cheese toasties and bacon sandwiches can be quickly cooked and can make you popular in your first week. Having a grill also means that you can save on takeaways after a night out, although you should be careful if using one drunk.


5 - Digital Voice Recorders


Ideal for recording lectures, digital voice recorders can be found for less than £20, and can be synced up to laptops and other devices. Having a record of lectures makes it much easier to revise, and can jog your memory if you have morning lectures when your note taking skills might not be at their sharpest.

How to Remove Password From PDF Files

Some PDF files are free to open, while others are password protected. The password for the PDF files you may know, but it is a very daunting task to the password every time and every time you want it open files in PDF format especially when the files are hosted on the computer and nobody else has access.

Do not worry, there is a simple tool that will help you to remove passwords from your tool is called PDF files. This BeCyPDFMetaEdit, it can help remove the passwords of protected PDF files, but it works only on Windows.

  1. Execute the above given program and it will ask you to select the PDF file. 
  2. Before Selecting, change the mode to "Complete Rewrite".
  3. Move to the Security Tab and set the option of "Security System" to "No Encryption"
  4. Click Save, You will no longer need a password for that particular PDF File.
Now It's done.