Are You Getting Scammed on the Internet?

It is a fact that most people believe that it would never fall into an internet scam. Although we have all heard stories of people who cheated, most of us believe that it can happen to us. Although many of the tricks of the trade for Internet scammers have gained a degree of fame and seem pretty easy to avoid, there are other lesser known practices that criminals running. It is important for all Internet users to remain vigilant in protecting personal data. These are just some tips that can help protect you from getting ripped off.

Do not assume that your email inbox is fully protected against spam. While most spam is automatically filtered from the email, you may break out. There are a few ways you can tell if something is not legit. If you send an email with hundreds of other email addresses of the recipient, but with a message addressed to a person, it's probably a scam. As your emails with nonexistent or generic issues from an unknown sender. It's best to leave these messages without opening. Other tip offs that should cause you to pause, take your e-mails where the only content in the body of the message is a link. Even when a link is shortened and does not reflect the actual address. If you are curious about the actual content behind the link, you can link LongURL expand the current contents to see before you click.

The next set of tactics used by fraudsters can be circumvented by simple common sense, but it's worth remembering. This sort of thing should easily tell a scam emails contain all uppercase letters or strange requests, and errors in grammar and spelling. Another tactic often used by scam is trying to get the reader feels a sense of urgency. An e-mail claims that there is a life or death situation and the only solution is for you to transfer money instantly. These emails are best left on the scrap heap.

Microsoft To Intruduce 120-Inch Smart TV

Microsoft is the latest company would think when it comes to television, but it is not just a TV. This is a giant 120-inch TV! Once again, Microsoft has gone where no company has ever been. The size of the TV shows the largest. However, television is made specifically for use by the company. Furthermore no risk that commercially available would be some time in the future.

According to reports from the Redmond based company based on the television are made in the context of conceiving the "house of the future". It will be part of the presentation by Microsoft to change the way we perceive the technology to homes in the future to change to tones. The demo will be shown at the Center for Occupational company that recently opened at the headquarters in Seattle.

The specifications of the TV offer an enticing proposition. There is much more to it than just a size of 10 meters. It is a widescreen TV with 4K functionality. What this means is that Samsung is not longer the distinction of having the largest in the world has 4KTV. With 4K image quality viewers see no pixelation even if they sit close to the screen. The visual effects are clear from any angle you choose to look.

Is used to demo Kinect used to preview the home and workplace of the future play. The company believes that this technology can be widely available within the next five years. In the demo, Microsoft shows the different technologies and devices that expect the TV to be connected. This includes picture frames on the sides of a larger picture. They also believe that the lights would be part of the television in the future that the overall experience will be improved.

No doubt that 4K is the "in" thing on television now refers. Many TV manufacturers in the world are working to create bigger and better models that use the technology. But no TV is not even close to the size of the Microsoft TV. CES in January this year took a look at the future of television. At that time there was no indication that Microsoft is a giant TV on the sleeve that gives it an advantage over other 4K TVs had.

So far the company has absolutely no plans to sell the TV. The only reason I decided to create was for research and for his future friends show. It would be some time before Microsoft employees are able to witness this miracle of technology, although reports indicate that the person responsible for the screen trying to get a movie night running. Although Microsoft has no plans for the 120-inch TV to sell, it should not come as a surprise if some manufacturers contacted them about technology.

Samsung Galaxy S IV: Unveiled on March 14

One of the most anticipated phones of the year was notably absent at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Although many people who like to have a glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy S IV at Mobile World Congress this year for might have been disappointed, and announced that he is expecting the main Samsung mobile device to view almost over.

This is the first release in the U.S. Samsung's flagship phone in three years. The Galaxy S III was in London last year. The measure seems way to assert their relevance Samsung in its battle with Apple in the mobile market. While Apple may have the advantage of Samsung Electronics in the mobile phone market in the U.S., Samsung is a global giant, with a wide lead over his rivals in global markets. Meanwhile, the mobile division of Samsung Electronics chief JK Shin said that Samsung has changed the download location in New York due to requests from the U.S. heavy mobile phone companies.


  The specifications of the device will not be released until the big reveal at Radio City Music Hall. However, there are many rumors about the features of the Galaxy S. IV The device is supposed to be a screen of 4.99'' Full HD and a 13 megapixel camera. For those not familiar with the previous version of the Galaxy, which specs include a screen at a time and a higher resolution camera than the previous version. IV The Galaxy S is expected to be a faster quad-core processor. It is rumored that a 5 8-core Exynos. The device is also expected to run on Android 4.2.2 and 2 GB of RAM. Of course, the official specifications are different, and we will have to wait until all the details when the phone was released on March 14 to get.

Sapphire Screens are Coming to Replace Gorilla Glass

Technically known as alkali-aluminosilicate flat glass, Corning Gorilla Glass has given of electronic device owners much more confident in dealing with our devices. I suppose it a good way to say we are not-so-free access to a little more remiss to have. That's because this Material Almost against damage. Of course, the thinness and lightness of making Gorilla Glass the perfect choice as the screen material for our shiny phones & Tablets.

Somewhere and the Future, though, would be Gorilla Glass expelled from his pedestal. It no less than a gemstone, Sapphire.

I suppose screens mobile gadgets are not the first thing that comes to mind when Sapphire is called. Understandably, a beautiful glowing blue stone is probably what you think. What to Look for Researchers, however, that not natural occurring gemstone. And instead, they do a lot of work on manufactured Sapphire.
Sapphire is now seen as the future material screens that hard so hard, thanks to the strength and durability of the stone. Comes second only to diamond in terms of hardness. This means that if we Sapphire screens, you really do not have to worry about scratches or cracks. (As big as Gorilla Glass is still broken screens.) Today, and has applications in the military - as transparent armor and vehicle protection. I see the U.S. Department of Defense for this type of development!

The biggest problem with the screen is the price sapphire. Gorilla Glass is pretty cheap, but sapphire costs about 10 times more to use in devices - in the present state of affairs. The researchers hope that in the coming years, we will drop the price of sapphire production, thanks to increased competition and better technology to see. And when this happens, we could see the material in our everyday gadgets.