The ‘X Phone’: Google Moves into Hardware

The market is full of Google branded devices now. Its range includes Smartphones and have recently also started producing tablets. The focus is on the production of phones through Nexus, which has included devices from Samsung, HTC and LG. This time it seems that Google is going to break tradition and use his newly acquired Motorola's own hardware to develop - a new Smartphone.

The ‘X Phone’

Reports on the new Smartphone are vague at best and there is no official word on the matter, or the company. Apparently, someone from within the company speculates that Google is indeed working on a new Smartphone. It is said that the most advanced phone yet produced. The telephone gives the phone Codename X. Until and unless Google reveals more information about the specific reports are created can only speculate.

It makes sense for Google to develop a Smartphone that can compete with the best in the business. Reports have shown that devices running the Android operating system are reigning in the market and the new Google phone would further strengthen its market position. Google would be to reduce the dominance of the iPhone in the Smartphone market. Although Samsung has a larger share of the U.S. market, Apple is updating.

Why Google Acquired Motorola

Google Acquisition of Motorola was expected, but the price attached to it raised some eyebrows. $ 12.5 billion is by no means a small amount, even for a company like Google. Would be expected to be at least 10 times the amount of the products of the two companies would do. In that sense, it seems that the phone X could be the first step towards the enormous amount Google paid for Motorola justify.

Reports have shown that the people of Motorola are working on the initial development of the telephone. Their engineers are among the best in the world and are able to have a phone that can handle the intense market competition precedents. No information about the features in the X or the phone market is expected to serve. The only thing the report, that it would be something else.

Included in the report is the news that Dennis Woodside Motorola is leading the project. He has apparently asked a team that is innovative and creative. He wants the horizon of conventional Smartphones and a new approach to expand into the telephone X. Woodside is quoted as saying that he will invest in personnel and equipment required by the company to the best phone X phone possible.

Final Word

From now on, it is not known if Google launched the Nexus branded phone or not. Reports suggest that the X-Phone to be released next year, so it probably will not be long before Google Unveils expected.

Panasonic Smart TV: New Features Included

The new trend of improved technology has influenced and has revolutionized almost every aspect of human life. The trend extends from something as big as space shuttles to something as small as commonplace and a TV.

Panasonic, one of the leading manufacturers of technical articles in his house was one of the companies that greeted the new era with the introduction of smart television to consumers. While people fall for smartphones, tablets and netbooks great, the Smart TV was the best accessory for techno geeks to acquire.

Smart TV is fun not only new and improved audio-visual experience for the consumer, but also allows them to use the TV to popular social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Skype, etc. Connect through the media downloaded applications. This was similar to how the smartphone users were able to run applications on their phones.

With the start of the new year, Panasonic new features that drastically product amplified in the spotlight again with the introduction of a feature launched, that is my home screen that can provide a TV viewing experience more personal, remember each individual preferences television.

The revolutionary Remove the Share is also modified and a new and improved version which allowed users to a smartphone or tablet to your TV to connect and your finger on the device to transfer the images to the TV and vice versa. Note the market, Panasonic aimed at a wider audience, so this option Android and iOS environment.

Additional voice activated functions are added to the smart TV and has a text reading function for all text displayed on the TV. Active Voice Search is also an excellent supplement, but users must have a supporting application installed on television for the first time to all verbal commands to process when speaking through a smartphone.

Besides the introduction of new functions, the Panasonic equipment, the number of applications available with the help of applications such as the Home Shopping Network and YouTube. YouTube users will be glad to know that if your smartphone and smart TV share the same WiFi network, your smartphone can be used to function as a remote control.

With more than 16 new and different models of Smart TV and joined the Alliance Smart TV from LG and Philips, you can expect the TV to the best first-class quality.