The PlayStation 4: Features Revealed

The vine has burned through speculation about the PlayStation 4, which more than one player has been waiting for. With the PlayStation 3 is nothing less than breathtaking, we can only hope that the next generation PlayStation console even more. And with all the rumors around like there's no tomorrow, what we really know about the PlayStation 4?

At least in terms of concrete and official statements, and verified. I wish there was more to say, but the only "official" explanation we Sony's Kaz Hirai, CEO Global, and has nothing to do with what you can expect on the design and specifications of the new console.

CVG reports that the Executive is this statement to the model again: "Why go first to your competitors their specifications and come up with something better?"

I do not know about you, but that seems to be the confirmation that we have the PlayStation 4, after seeing the next generation of Xbox. And, Hirai's right! While Sony usually makes it a point to be the first, seems to change tactics on this occasion. Is it good for them? Time will tell.

Technical specifications

Regarding the technical specifications of the PlayStation 4, there is no official data are released, but there is no shortage of speculation. One thing we all agree: only better.

Eurogamer has an article about what we can expect from the PlayStation 4. The important thing now is the processor, which is believed to eight cores and clock to 1.6GHz. Jaguar AMD architecture is the underlying technology. AMD also handles graphics with the AMD Radeon HD graphics core clocked at 800 MHz with 18 points after the calculation.

In terms of memory, the PlayStation 4 should 4GB GDDR5, plus 512 MB for the operating system. That should satisfy players with a need for speed. (What player do not, right?)

In any case, speculation or not, it is not likely that the PlayStation 4 see anytime soon on the shelves, but a few weeks wait for the official release. Birds are whispering about this non-stop, so it must be true.

Samsung Galaxy S4: Will Launch in April

The blockbuster sequel Galaxy S3 Samsung Electronics will launch in April.

That's according to the news site Snowmobile Samsung phone launch on April 15 pins.

The Galaxy S franchise has become a true competitor to the iPhone, and hype barns and store as much anticipation as Apple Smartphone. While earlier iterations of the Galaxy S phone faced a slow start, the Galaxy S3 catapulted out of the door as a success, and has performed very well, even if other phones of competition have faded. The Samsung phone has helped in the top of the handset manufacturers.

The S4 Galaxy - which ultimately could be branded Galaxy S IV - will feature wireless charging and will be key. But unlike other Smartphones like the Nokia Lumia 920 or DNA Droid, the service will not be built. Users need a kit with a wireless charging and buying replacement upholstery, the report said.

The next Galaxy S phone also reportedly features a large 2600 mAh battery, compared to the Galaxy S3 2100 mAh battery.

With a release date in April, SamMobile said Samsung was able to hold his own event in March, or perhaps reveal the Smartphone at the Mobile World Congress, will begin in late February. The Galaxy S3 was unveiled at an event for Samsung in May last year.

Even if the start date is April 15 that does not necessarily mean that the S4 Galaxy will make its way to the United States at that time. As with the Galaxy S III, the phone can throw at different times depending on when U.S. companies, such as the telephone, which can vary from days two weeks of its release.
Samsung declined to comment on the report, saying he did not want to comment on rumors.

Most Wanted Features Of iPhone 6

With the highly anticipated iPhone 5 launch and worn, it is natural for Smartphone addicts already on his next hit of the technology and the most wanted features for the iPhone 6.

The new 7.6mm thin coated aluminum iPhone 5, complete with a larger screen and a faster chip, a nano-SIM, again with several smaller camera functions and integrated touch technology, has a lot to offer - but what most consumers are waiting for ?

Looking at the next episode of the Apple iPhone, some users talk about the desire for a wider color gamut and hope that Apple will have a selection of up to eight shades allow.

Aesthetics aside, users demand for more and more memory. Although most people think 64GB is enough, enough would find the need for the 128GB version to justify - or even an expandable memory option would suffice. Even if the result is a hefty price tag, there is no doubt that many would pay.

It goes without saying that the best 3D graphics and a faster processor will be high on the list of results, and although many people are after a wider screen and higher, some still want a smaller and more compact.

While Siri, the voice feature integrated controls, has come a long way since the users of the iPhone 4S, many are looking for a full-on "digital assistant" who never says no or asks to be repeated.

Biometric security on mobile idea seems to have been forgotten. This is a James Bond-style blow your fingerprint to unlock the phone, giving access to air travel or make bank transactions. Of course it is not necessary, but would be nice.

A common nightmare among phone users, the service life of the battery. Yes, it has improved over time and there are inductive wireless options, but only once you have purchased a separate container and a charger for the device. Undoubtedly the iPhone 6 provides a longer battery life, or even with a built-in chip inductive load on the phone?
Whether houses, cars, tablets and phones, people are fans of customization. There are plenty of these options are available on the Android, but some say that Apple needs to work on this aspect to iPhone users with better access to your most used applications and other useful information.

According to Jefferies & Company analyst Peter Misek, the iPhone 6 (if the iPhone 5S pip not to post), can be a super HD camera / monitor, a capacity of 128 GB of internal memory and bar code technology doubled (Near Field Communication Technology), which allows the iPhone to act as a payment device to get more primer.